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Retargeting is CRITICAL to YOUR advertising success

..but less than 5% of organizations use this powerful tool!
  • Bring visitors back to your website
  • Drastically improve AdWords results
  • Hyper-targeting on Facebook
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Have you ever noticed ads that "follow you"

This is "Retargeting" and it's so effective you'll wonder why you didn't do this sooner!

We take care of everything!

Our Retargeting packages include initial consultation, retargeting pixel setup, ad graphics, ad copy, campaign setup, tracking...etc.

Add a tracking pixel to your website

We will work with your webmaster and setup/add a custom tracking pixel. Now we track a list of visitors to send ad to

Custom Ads

We create 2x ad graphics and ad copy for A/B split testing. Ads are sent ONLY to your previous website visitors and invite them to come back

Increase sales & conversions

Past website visitors already know your brand, they were ready to buy and take action, we simply bring them back

Reduced Advertising Costs

By target marketing to previous visitors you cost per conversion is very low!

Retargeting just works.. period!

Organizations focus 100% on brining visitors to your website... now it's time to focus on bringing them back

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"We help you track everyone who visits your website....

...then we bring them back with ads that follow them around the Internet!"

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